Other services

Other services

We have expertise in other areas to help streamline publication production such as:

  • creating an index to make the information in a text more accessible to readers
  • advising on formatting and design, particularly for documents that will be published as PDF versions of Microsoft Word
  • creating document templates in Microsoft Word to standardise the format and appearance of all reports published by an organisation
  • compiling a style guide listing all the language conventions, spelling, grammar and punctuation styles to be used in documents and reports published by an organisation—the ‘house style’ ensures consistency.

Style guide checklist

  • spelling
  • punctuation
  • numbers
  • dates
  • measurements
  • abbreviations
  • dashes
  • quotes
  • capitalisation
  • lists

‘We’re very happy with your work, thank you. No amendments required.’

Dr Christina Jarron

Research and Social Impact Manager, White Ribbon Australia

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