Professional editing and proofreading for business and government

Quality control for your reports, publications, presentations and websites

Central Editing provides professional writing, editing and proofreading services for business, government, academic and technical clients.

We improve the quality and effectiveness of your reports, publications, websites and presentations by ensuring that:

– the language and tone are appropriate for the audience and purpose

– the text is clear, concise, consistent and correct.

We understand your needs



Error-free communications enhance your business and brand reputation. »



Appropriate tone and style engages all target audiences and stakeholders. »



Editorial review clarifies concepts and language to strengthen arguments.



Clear language and logical structure make complex processes easy to understand.

We provide writing, editing and proofreading services

Structural editing

Reviewing the organisation and flow of information to ensure logical sequence and aid understanding. »


Checking grammar, spelling and punctuation to ensure clarity, consistency and correctness. »


Checking documents after layout and design to correct any errors in the text, layout or visual elements. »


Ensuring consistent language and tone, particularly for multi-authored reports. »

Plain English

Rewriting to eliminate jargon, redundancies and ambiguity, and to ensure clarity of expression. »

Technical writing/editing

Transforming complex  processes into logical steps using easy-to-understand language. »


Enhancing professional presentation and structure through applying good design principles. »


Summarising concepts and contents to enhance usability and access to information. »

Style guides

Developing guides for consistent editorial style across the organisation to reinforce corporate identity. »

 We help you with 

  • annual reports

  • award submissions

  • blogs

  • brochures

  • conference abstracts

  • grant submissions

  • issues papers

  • journal articles

  • manuals

  • newsletters

  • non-fiction books

  • policies

  • presentations

  • procedures

  • proposals

  • prospectuses

  • reports

  • strategies

  • style guides

  • submissions

  • tenders

  • theses

  • training manuals

  • websites

I have no hesitation in recommending Denise Holden as an editor. She is attentive to minute detail but also understands the importance of document flow and structure.

Sarah Keith

Managing Director, Publicis Media Exchange


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