Academic and thesis editing

Professional editing and proofreading of your thesis, journal article or research report increases the likelihood that your work will be accepted and published.

Get it right the first time. Ensure you don’t have to revise and resubmit because  of language errors or inconsistencies.


We listen to your needs

We know that the one-size-fits-all approach is not appropriate for academic editing and proofreading projects, particularly thesis editing.  We listen to your priorities and tailor our editorial interventions to suit exactly what you need. 

Our academic clients frequently require:

  • quick turnaround
  • editing in LaTeX format
  • formatting for professional appearance
  • creation of table of contents, list of figures, list of tables
  • language review for authors whose first language is not English
  • formatting to comply with university or publisher requirements
  • checking references are accurate and properly formatted.

They appreciate our: 

  • expertise and knowledge (without pedantry)
  • advice (and knowledge) about standard academic practices
  • calm demeanour
  • recognition of external demands
  • no-fuss approach to proposals and quotes
  • understanding of urgency and rigid deadlines
  • straightforward response to issues
  • flexibility with shifting priorities
  • minimal red tape in service provision.


Central Editing has the depth of knowledge and breadth of experience to conduct a quality assurance review for those documents that have to be perfect. 

We help you with:

  • conference abstracts
  • course materials
  • grant submissions
  • issues papers
  • manuals
  • policies 
  • procedures
  • proposals
  • research reports
  • submissions
  • tenders
  • theses
  • training materials
  • white papers

Thank you for your expertise – you did a great job and saved us a lot of work. We are really appreciative of your quick turn around which has helped us to meet our deadline.

Michelle Donaldson

Faculty of Health Sciences, Curtin University


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