Central Editing will write or rewrite your document, presentation or web copy. 

Rewriting is typically necessary when sections of a long report have been written by different people, each with their own writing style; or when a document in technical language needs to be amended for presentation to the general public.

Plain English rewriting involves eliminating jargon, redundancies and obscure expressions so that meaning is clear.  For example,  ‘proceeding in a northerly direction’ becomes ‘travelling north’.

Technical writing is the specialist skill of translating complex technical concepts and instructions into language and logical steps that are appropriate for the readers.

Ghost writing involves creating a manuscript for an ‘author’ following a briefing and typically involves interviews and research. For example, compiling the history of an organisation.

Writing checklist

  • planning
  • audience
  • tone
  • structure
  • language
  • style
  • content

Denise Holden has consistently improved the quality of our publications and reports through her attention to detail and ability to rewrite in plain English without compromising meaning.

Glynis Jones

Director of Educational Services, NSW/ACT Independent Education Union


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