Everyone in your organisation can write, right?

So why engage someone from outside? What can Central Editing do that your team can’t do?

What we don’t do

First a clarification of what we don’t do. Central Editing does not provide copywriting services. If you need copy written from scratch then please look elsewhere. There are many talented copywriters who will respond to your brief with persuasive marketing copy or well-researched articles or blog posts but that is not the type of writing we offer.

What we do

Our expertise is in rewriting – in taking your words (the raw material) and reshaping them  to ensure the text is ‘fit for purpose’. For a publication or report this means that the text uses language that speaks to the intended audience in a way that fulfils the goal of the document – whether that be to inform, explain, persuade, evaluate, explore, analyse, interpret, express an opinion or propose a solution.

We bring a fresh perspective and objectivity in evaluating the effectiveness of your text – and in identifying where it can be improved.


Is it rewriting or is it editing?

Good question. There’s a blurry line between the two. Structural editing (where content is rearranged and reworked to improve the flow of ideas) can certainly be viewed as ‘rewriting’. Some aspects of copyediting, such as fixing awkward syntax or amending verbose or jargon-filled sentences, also involve rewriting. And some situations clearly require a rewrite to achieve communication goals. For example:

–  to ensure cohesiveness in a report with several authors by applying a consistent writing style

–  to improve the communication effectiveness of a document by ensuring the appropriate tone throughout

–  to enhance understanding of technical content by restructuring and rewriting using plain language

–  to reduce the size of a report that is too ‘wordy’ by identifying and summarising the key elements.

We aren’t rigid about terminology. We will work with your content to improve it – without applying labels.

Do you have one of these problems?

Our clients typically require rewriting services in one of three categories:

–  standard rewriting

–  plain English rewriting

–  technical writing

 Standard rewriting is advisable when:

–  sections of a report have been written by different people (different writing styles)

–  a document in technical language needs to be amended for a non-specialist audience or the general public

–  a report is too long (repetitive, rambling, wordy) and needs to be condensed to improve its usefulness

Plain English rewriting focuses on clarity of expression and involves eliminating jargon, redundancies and obscure expressions to ensure your audience gets your message. This article explains the benefits of plain English writing.

Technical writing involves rewriting (or translating) complex technical concepts and instructions into language and steps that are clear and unambiguous.


Central Editing will rewrite your report, document, presentation or web copy to ensure the text fulfils your requirements.

Our writing checklist

  • planning
  • audience
  • tone
  • structure
  • language
  • style
  • content

Denise Holden has consistently improved the quality of our publications and reports through her attention to detail and ability to rewrite in plain English without compromising meaning.

Glynis Jones

Director of Educational Services, NSW/ACT Independent Education Union


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