Support from creation to publication

Central Editing can assist at any stage of your project – from initial content creation through to the final pernickety quality checks that ensure a superior publication.

Typical publishing workflow

We aim to provide just what you need – when you need it:

—  writing and rewriting for clear communication

—  editing to improve structure, clarity and consistency

—  proofreading to eliminate errors

—  formatting and templates to enhance document design

—  indexing to make the document’s information accessible

—  style guides to promote consistent and correct writing throughout your organisation.

Our flexible and tailored service

“What can you do to make it better?”

There’s the typical and recommended workflow for publications – and then there’s the real world. We’ve found that being flexible in service delivery is the best way to give our clients what they want and need. Often it’s not possible or feasible to follow the ideal sequence depicted in the workflow diagram. We know it isn’t helpful to be rigid about terminology and the difference between a copyedit and a proofread when discussing solutions to editorial issues. Sometimes clients can’t articulate exactly what they want beyond saying that the text in a report or document needs to be ‘better’ than it is at the moment.

We listen to your priorities and tailor our editorial interventions to suit the circumstances – and in so doing sometimes the distinctions between editing and proofreading get a bit blurry.

Time constraints frequently come into play. Ideally a report will go through several phases of review (structural editing, copyediting, proofreading) – but if there’s only a week before it needs to be published you need an editor who knows how to respond when you ask ‘what can you do to make it better?’

Core services

These links will tell you more about each of our services.

cartoon man editing with a pencil
cartoon man with proofreading checklist
three cartoon men with various tools to represent other services

What documents can we help you with?

We work on a range of document types and formats including:

  • annual reports

  • award submissions

  • blogs

  • brochures

  • conference abstracts

  • grant submissions

  • issues papers

  • manuals

  • newsletters

  • non-fiction books

  • policies

  • presentations

  • procedures

  • proposals

  • prospectuses

  • reports

  • social media

  • strategies

  • style guides

  • submissions

  • tenders

  • theses

  • training manuals

  • websites

Our editor, Denise Holden, worked against ridiculous deadlines but always with the highest professionalism and good humour.

Klari Kadar

Author, Kimberley Cultural Trail


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