Typical workflow is writing, structural editing, copyediting, layout and design, proofreading, indexing, publication.

Central Editing assists clients along the path to publication:

— from initial writing (or rewriting)

— to editing for structure and clarity

— to final proofreading and indexing prior to publication.


We can also provide advice on design and other aspects of document publication.


We work on a range of materials including:

  • annual reports

  • award submissions

  • blogs

  • brochures

  • conference abstracts

  • grant submissions

  • issues papers

  • manuals

  • newsletters

  • non-fiction books

  • policies

  • presentations

  • procedures

  • proposals

  • prospectuses

  • reports

  • social media

  • strategies

  • style guides

  • submissions

  • tenders

  • theses

  • training manuals

  • websites

Our editor, Denise Holden, worked against ridiculous deadlines but always with the highest professionalism and good humour.

Klari Kadar

Author, Kimberley Cultural Trail

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