Proofreading is a final check after layout and design to correct any errors in the text or the visual elements. 

It typically involves checking for spelling, grammar and typographical errors in a document that is already in its final form.

The proofreader checks that:

  • all components of the publication are included and in the right order
  • all cross-references, page numbers and captions are correct
  • grammar, spelling and punctuation are correct
  • capitalisation, hyphenation, abbreviations and numbers are consistent and conform with the style guide
  • heading hierarchies and other layout elements are correct.



Cartoon man with proofreading checklist

Proofreading checklist

  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • spelling
  • style
  • references
  • completeness
  • page numbers
  • headings
  • headers
  • footers
  • table of contents
  • footnotes

Thank you Denise … really appreciate your fast approach, guidance and flexibility.

Sarah McRobbie

Marketing, Online and Communications Officer, City of Launceston


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