Terms and conditions

Updated 23 September 2020

Our proposals to clients include terms and conditions relating to our responsibilities and our expectations of clients. The typical wording of these T&Cs is provided below. We will also comply with any special conditions required by clients such as contractor agreements and non-disclosure agreements.

Our standard payment terms are 14 days for corporate and government clients. For individuals we require a 50% deposit before commencing work on a project and the balance on completion. Payment by electronic funds transfer. 

Standard terms and conditions

By accepting this proposal and estimate in writing via email you agree to the following:

The Service 

  1. Central Writing & Editing Services (CWES) provides editorial services (the Service) to its customers (the Client).
  2. CWES agrees to provide the Service outlined in this proposal in accordance with the terms specified in this proposal and for the agreed fee.
  3. In cases where a complete and final draft of the document (the Work) has not been examined prior to preparation of this estimate, or where there are changes to the Work after delivery to CWES, the fee and delivery time may be amended.
  4. CWES will alert the Client to any circumstances that will cause significant variations to the estimate and/or delivery timetable should they arise during the course of delivering the Service.
  5. Unless otherwise specified the Service comprises one round of editing or proofreading. Additional rounds of editing or proofreading will be considered an additional Service and will require a separate estimate.
  6. The Client must supply all relevant information required by CWES to ensure satisfactory completion of the Service. CWES may amend the delivery date if there are delays in supplying required information.
  7. Upon completion of the Service and delivery of the Work to the Client, the Client must confirm to CWES by email within 48 hours if any further revisions to the work are required to complete the Service. If confirmation is not made within 48 hours, the Service is deemed to be complete. After this time, any further revisions will be subject to additional costs.
  8. Any changes to the project description or documents (eg, increased word or page count) may incur an additional charge.
  9. If work is required over weekends to meet client deadlines it will incur a 50% surcharge.
  10. This estimate is valid for seven days.
  11. CWES must agree to and approve the wording of any acknowledgement of these services in a published work.


    1. CWES takes no responsibility for the content or factual accuracy of documents (the Work) provided by the Client before or after the Service is provided.
    2. The Client takes responsibility for reading the Work upon completion of the Service to ensure factual accuracy.
    3. Any written copy, corrections or suggestions made as part of the Service are those deemed suitable by CWES and use of these is at the discretion of the Client.
    4. The Client bears full and absolute responsibility for the content, presentation, quality, final use and submission of the Work, and the decision to implement any changes or corrections suggested by CWES.


    1. CWES will maintain confidentiality about all aspects of the Work.
    2. These terms may be varied only by written agreement between the Client and CWES.